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SPRINGBOOST B-WALK brings great advantages in terms of posture because dorsiflexion places the body in a naturally correct position.

Natural, upright posture
Facilitated, longer stride with correct rolling action
Increased specific muscle fiber recruitment of the legs and buttocks
Better blood flow in the lower limbs
Customized training intensity with the Modular Insole Program™
More efficient use of energy as a result of correct rolling action with the Energy Plat™

NORDIC WALKING As walking is as old as mankind, Nordic Walking is a relatively new sport. It was first developed by cross-country skiers as a summer workout. In the mid-nineties, its benefits were picked up by the mainstream and it rapidly became an extremely popular activity.
People of all ages are looking for health, fitness and taking part in outdoor activities, enjoying nature in a social setting. Nordic Walking combines all of that into an efficient and accessible sport that works out 90% of the body.

TECHNIQUE AND POSTURE are important for the efficiency of the training.


2 sets of interchangeable insoles

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